Our commitment to sustainability.

We have a strong commitment to manage our business in the most sustainable way possible.

We limit the use of packaging through re-use and recycling. All cardboard that cannot be re-used is recycled. All polystyrene is recycled through an industry collection point, as are some types of plastic packaging. We separate our organic waste so that 99% is made available for animal consumption. We have invested in a 30kw solar power system that produces up to 70% of our electricity.

Our Community.

Our community has given life and vitality to our family and our business.
We never take that for granted and are profoundly grateful.

We believe deeply in the health and well-being of our community. We love being able to support sporting clubs, community organisations, schools, our youth clinic and other groups that are central to this wellbeing. Giving back is an important responsibility and a privilege.