Local olive oils

Our region of South Gippsland has a growing number of olive oil producers.South Gippsland Olives was formed in 2011 by six local growers. We support these growers by stocking a variety of their extra virgin olive oils so that we can offer a range of varieties and flavours.

Our growers suggest that their oil should not be stored past the “best before date” as the oil does not improve with age.It can be used in cooking up to 200°C and does not contain cholesterol.If you want to use extra virgin olive oil in your own cake and pastry recipes, the conversion rate is 3/4 of a teaspoon to 1 teaspoon of butter or margarine. Extra virgin olive oil, contrary to popular belief, can be used when preparing Asian as well as Mediterranean dishes.

Next time the sun is bright and you have some of our ripe tomatoes, take a hunk of bread, sprinkle with South Gippsland olive oil and slap on a slice of tomato!

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